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Ahoy! Upmarket Fiction Writing at its finest, truthful fiction that lies somewhere between commercial/popular fiction & literary fiction…

Deep Sea Reading Tours

The waters around the Massachusetts Bay are some of the most fertile and finest fishing grounds on America’s East Coast, at least the Great White Sharks think so, as the seals are becoming painfully aware, so beware of predators while you read the tales of godly women and men doing battle with forces seeking to prey upon the innocents!

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Singular Ladies Series novels

Perchance you’ll get hooked on these distinctive upmarket suspense novels too. Love, courage, Biblical faith, truth, and self-sacrifice in defense of dear two-legged deer are the core values which flow through the Singular Ladies Series novels.

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Look before you reel one in?

At least you may care to take a look at the Singular Ladies Series novels by using the ‘look inside’ feature for access to the first 50 pages of each novel via the online bookseller of your choice.

I think I’ve hooked a big one!

Or vice versa. It looks like more people are discovering these works of truthful fiction. So what do I mean by ‘truthful fiction’?

I mean that everything in these upmarket suspense novels has happened, is happening, will happen, or could happen! To put it another way, these novels are not fantasies.

I think I’ve hooked a big one, too!

Or vice versa. And these novels are not recommended for readers younger than sixteen years of age (this is not due to language); but given the times in which we live, I leave this decision up to you parents.